Fast International Payment, Low or No Charges, Secure & Incognito




About Us

Remicoin is a trial new computerized cash that empowers moment installments to anybody, anyplace on the planet. Remicoin utilizes a proof-of-work technique all together for the Remicoin system to accomplish disseminated accord. Remicoin Core is the name of open source programming which empowers the utilization of this cash and everybody can contribute. Presently, Directly, it has advantage in various countries is getting to be plainly customary.


Remicoin exchanges are secured by military review cryptography. No one can charge you cash or make an instalment for your sake. Insofar as you find a way to ensure your wallet, Remicoin can give you control over your cash and a solid level of insurance against many sorts of extortion.


RMC are often transferred from Globally in few minutes. There’s no bank to bog off the method, level of negligible fees, or fixed the transfer. You’ll pay your neighbours identical approach as you’ll pay a member of your family in another country. Merely same, It’s a genius thanks to pay.

How it work

Jane sends James Ramicoin with a unique address.

The transaction is processed by the miners.

Jame’s store receives the Remicoins & the transaction is recorded.